Apr 4 2014

A successful marriage isn't about finding the right person, its about being the right person.

Does this apply to work as well? I think it does, so to paraphrase the above:

"A successful career isn't about finding the right company or position, its about being the right hire".

What is being the right hire?

Teryl @ Work
Jul 5 2011

Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys, a national supplier of management solutions within HR, payroll administration, time & attendance and access control, will form part of a group of industry specialists tasked with the adjudication of prospective attendees of Innovation Dinners.

May 19 2011

Issues such as skills shortage and changing requirements, the need for experienced candidates, job security and increasing costs-to-company mean that it is getting harder for local job seekers to secure employment.

Apr 14 2011

Human Resource experts agree that job-seekers face an uphill struggle to secure employment in 2011. Increasing levels of competition, pressure to do more with less and ongoing volatile economic conditions mean that decision makers are forced to be more selective in their recruitment of skills. As a result those entering the job market have to use whatever they have at their disposal to grab the attention of prospective employers.
According to recruitment specialists at Accsys, a national supplier of payroll, HR, Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions, the value of the Curriculum Vitae (CV) should not be underestimated

Mar 16 2011

A recent survey conducted by Accsys, a people management specialist and national supplier of payroll, HR, Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions, showed that job satisfaction, security and improved interaction with people are chief concerns.

Dec 24 2010

Amid ongoing debate over whether or not a standard integrated human resource system to cover all HR requirements is possible, Accsys management believes the answer lies in having the relevant skills sets with integration.

Dec 24 2010

Effective human resource management is a matter of having the right people in the right place at the right time – with strategically implemented technology that complements the modus operandi of the organisation. In short, the ability of administrators to extract maximum benefit from the human resource and related infrastructure is directly related to the effectiveness of the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) in place says Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys, a national supplier of payroll, HR, Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions.

Dec 22 2010

Develop skills, empower people and apply technology to survive tough times
Whilst technology is considered critical to any business, sustainability cannot be achieved nor profit generated without the development of people.
Human Resource experts at Accsys, a national supplier of payroll, HR, time & attendance and access control solutions, say all stakeholders must do more to create balance in the market.

Aug 18 2008

A high number of job seekers and those wanting to explore different career choices battle with the basic preliminary steps towards securing employment. So claims Andiswa Mjali, Recruitment Division Manager at Accsys PeoplePlace, the company’s recruitment division.

Accsys News Image
Mar 26 2008

New job seekers entering the market with an eye on the HR and payroll profession have been successfully placed thanks, in part, to the services of Accsys PeoplePlace, the recruitment division of Accsys, a national provider of HR and payroll management solutions.

Accsys PeoplePlace was established to link up prospective employees with employers in the field of HR and payroll administration.

Accsys News Image
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