Aug 13 2014

PeopleWare MOBI, the game-changing mobile extension of Accsys’ acclaimed PeopleWare people management software solutions and Employee Self Service (ESS), is in the running for a 2014 MTN App of the Year Award.

Accsys, a proud member of the Business Connexion (BCX) Group, is a national supplier of people management software and hardware solutions within the HR, payroll and time & attendance space. It has been in operation since 1981.

Could Accsys’ PeopleWare MOBI win MTN’s App of the Year?
Dec 13 2013

How does an employer deal with part pay periods?

The incentive must be pro-rated to match the calculation of remuneration. For example, if an employee starts on the 15th of the month, and earns R2000 in the first month with the company:
His remuneration must be grossed up to R4000 per month
The ETI on this value calculated (R1000 in the first 12 qualifying months of employment)
This results in a R500 ETI for the employer on this employee for this month

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Dec 13 2013

How is the tax incentive calculated?

Assuming qualification:

Year One : Employee remuneration of :

  • R2 000 or less - 50% of monthly remuneration
  • R2 001 to R4 000 - R1 000
  • R4 001 to R6 000 is based on a formula
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Dec 12 2013

"He not only embodied Ubuntu; he taught millions to find that truth within themselves. It took a man like Madiba to free not just the prisoner, but the jailor as well; to show that you must trust others so that they may trust you; to teach that reconciliation is not a matter of ignoring a cruel past, but a means of confronting it with inclusion, generosity and truth. He changed laws, but also hearts."

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Dec 12 2013

The new Employment Tax Incentive Bill has raised a lot of questions. While I put out an overview a few weeks ago, there are some queries that keep coming up. Over the next week, this blog will cover some of them.

Large numbers of unemployed are a problem for any country, but when young people leave the education system with a very poor chance of getting a job, their motivation to achieve is impacted from day one.

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Dec 10 2013

No matter how confident you are, being interviewed can be daunting. Today, interviewing has become more structured and many interviewers ask a set of standardised questions, so that they can get a more objective view of the candidate. It is a really good idea to have thought this through and to be ready with good, truthful responses that put you in a good light.

Some favourites are:

Strengths and weaknesses, conflict situations, what question should I be asking you and a success story. The examples below should give you some ideas.

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Dec 9 2013

Writing business correspondence is an art. And we are starting to forget how to do it effectively. I hear a lot of conversations about the end of eMail, the end of print etc. I have to believe that in the next ten years (or even less) we are going to undergo a sea change in how we communicate, both personally and in business.

But we are not there yet, and until then, we have to consider the implications of how we put together business correspondence.

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Dec 2 2013

Following on from objective decision making, it is as important to find out why you won the sale, as to why you lost it.

Most salespeople believe the sales they bring in are due to their charm, product knowledge and strong relationship building, and prefer not to dig deeper. The truth is that the buyer's decision making process is often less than transparent, and regularly far from objective.

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Nov 26 2013

he Daily Beast published a story last year with statistics that showed women being quoted 1 in 5 times on woman's issues. The article continued with stats on news shows showing a very similar picture. The Daily Beast

I haven't been able to find similar statistics for South Africa, but am not convinced it would be very different.

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Nov 22 2013

Do you think you make objective decisions? Most people are adamant that they do, but I am becoming more and more aware of the influences that move me in particular directions, and am working to be more structured in approaching final decisions.

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