Payroll Qualification

Jul 28 2016

Over the past few days I have been struck by the number of times I have had young women say to me "my dad said I should take the chance/could do it/ must try". Each time these ladies have been faced with a challenge, and based on the courage given them by their fathers, they have stepped up to the plate. Successfully.

And I wonder if these dads recognise the incredible freedom that they have given their daughters?

Dads for daughters
Apr 18 2012

People development specialists believe the global trend of focusing on health and education of individuals, from a young age, is the best way to equip future workers to handle the pressures of the modern market.

Authorities in Scandinavian countries like Finland have helped to shed light on this aspect of human resource development. In these countries, there is an emphasis on addressing both physical and education needs in children – the rationale being that sound physical conditioning ensures that youngsters are more susceptible and receptive to learning.

Accsys Wellness

Accsys provides the only online National Qualification in Payroll Administration Services in Africa.

The course is available as:

  • FET Certificate - NQF level 4 (SAQA ID: 66169)
  • Diploma - NQF level 5 (SAQA ID: 67229)
  • Customised payroll short courses

Enjoy an all-round learning experience in a virtual classroom environment. Interact with other learners without the pressure of having to physically move to attend lectures.

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