Dec 18 2012

Accsys, a member of the Business Connexion Group (BCX), has won the TT100 Award for Excellence in Sustainable Performance for the third year running.

The company is an established national supplier of people management software and hardware solutions within the HR, payroll and time & attendance space.

Accsys TT100 Award Winner

Accsys is an award winning South African software company specialising in People Management solutions. In business since 1981, Accsys is a proud member of the Innovation Division , Business Connexion group. With more than 2000 companies using our solutions, over 12 million payslips per year are initiated by Accsys systems. Our solutions are developed in South Africa with particular emphasis on South African workplace conditions to fulfill our purpose of providing strategic solutions for people who manage people. This has been broadened to encompass countries throughout Africa.

May 1 2010

At the Technology Top 100 awards ceremony on the 28th of April, Accsys received the 2009 Minister's Award for Sustainability.

"The winner of this award demonstrated not only a unique ability to manage Technology, Innovation, People and Systems elements of their business, but also demonstrated its ability to manage its impact on the environment, its commitment to BBEEE, job creation, employment equity and private/public partnerships."

TT100 Sustainability Award
Mar 3 2010

Liam Terblanche, CIO at Accsys, a national supplier of payroll, HR, Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions, has been recognised for his individual contribution to local ICT and solution development and named as a finalist nominee for the title of Visionary CIO of the Year at the annual Computer Society of South Africa Visionary CIO Awards.

Liam Terblanche - CIO of Accsys
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