PeopleAccess (Access Control)

The Access Control feature forms part of the Time Module which allows for control of turnstiles, doors, booms, vehicle traffic booms, booths, CCTV and RFID by using pre-determined shift rules, in real time.

This allows for easy and fine-grained control of employee movement to different areas of your company at different times of the day.

All leave types accurately calculated. Daily or monthly accumulation. Accurate leave provision audits. Leave calculation diagnostics. Resource pool management. Web based Employee and Manager Self Service optional. Shifts and council requirements.

Features: Customisable rule structures for all leave types. Multiple leave types per employee. Real time balance calculation. Upload sick notes. Diagnosis table included. Store emergency medical contact details.

Caters for: Incidents, Grievances, Counselling and Disciplinaries. Features include: Record every process. Link costs to employees and cost centres. Link employee to process. Reporting functionality. Benefits include: Monitor progress of incident. Full history easily accessible. Automatically updates relevant Equity report (EEA1, EEA2 and EEA4).

Over 500 standard reports plus customisable options. Available as on-screen preview, print or email (eg. electronic payslips). Export to PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML, Word and XML. Customised reporting functionality. Statutory reports available in required format. Variance reports, audit reports and historical reporting (not limited by fiscal dating).

Secure employee document storage. Typical documents stored: ID, Passport, Driver's Licence, Contract of employment, etc.

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