Enterprise (Full Suite)

Our payroll solution is designed by payroll administrators for payroll administrators. Automate repetitive tasks, extract a general ledger to various accounting systems and generate payslips for wages, fortnightly and salaried staff on multiple payrolls and/or companies, efficiently without any fuss. Duplicate ID numbers are identified to prevent fraud. Complies with all statutory requirements. Process until perfect without having to back up and restore. Go green and distribute electronic payslips. Built-in security and auditing. Can be used in a single or multi-user, single PC, LAN or WAN environment.

PeopleWare HR comprises of:

Industrial Relations
  • Incidents
  • Grievances
  • Counselling
  • Disciplinary
Employment Equity
  • Ten step Equity management and planning process
  • Powerful analysis of employee equity and job status information
  • Generation of EEA2 and EEA4 ready for input
Job Management

Time & Attendance allows for the recording of when employees start and stop working, configuring which areas are paid and which are not. Biometric clocks prevent buddy clocking and ensure employees only get paid for the time they've worked.

Time & Attendance includes a special scripting language which allows for very specialised rules when calculating hours and how these hours should be categorised (normal, overtime, overtime x 2, or define your own variable).

Some highlights of Time & Attendance in PeopleWare include: Graphic displays, exports to many traditional formats, works across any network, WAN, LAN, 3G, GSM. System generated clockings automate employee clockings. Automated reporting. 'Drag & Drop' set up, 'Plug & Play' readers.

The Access Control feature forms part of the Time Module which allows for control of turnstiles, doors, booms, vehicle traffic booms, booths, CCTV and RFID by using pre-determined shift rules, in real time.

This allows for easy and fine-grained control of employee movement to different areas of your company at different times of the day.

Fingerprints are presently the most popular biometric modality in the industry. Accsys PeopleWare supports low-level communication with some of the market leaders in biometric manufacturing (See matrix below).

New Face BiometricsPeopleWare 11 now supports Face Recognition biometrics too!

All leave types accurately calculated. Daily or monthly accumulation. Accurate leave provision audits. Leave calculation diagnostics. Resource pool management. Web based Employee and Manager Self Service optional. Shifts and council requirements.

Features: Customisable rule structures for all leave types. Multiple leave types per employee. Real time balance calculation. Upload sick notes. Diagnosis table included. Store emergency medical contact details.

Store employee biographical information: employee photos, badge numbers, employee document storage, company document templates, employee ID number, next of kin, contact details, addresses and unlimited user defined fields.

Some of the benefits include: SA ID verification, duplicate ID checking, historical employee data. Forms & procedures documented every step of the way. Single point of entry. Centralised information storage and business intelligence. Setup important date reminders like contract renewals, appraisals and birthdays.

Ten step Equity management and planning process. Powerful analysis of employee equity and job status information. Generation of EEA2 and EEA4 ready for input. Features include: Easy to follow step-by-step plan. Monitor progress at a glance. Benefits include: Information validated. Drill down into report advanced equity matrix for easy checking. Print and submit.

Talent pool management. Generic skills libraries and links to: Occupational Category, Level, SOC Codes, Grading Systems. Job Competency profiles including skills, knowledge and abilities. Stores essential company and employee information, including user-defined fields. Full Business Intelligence management functionality.

Features: Comprehensive libraries for: competencies, skills, abilities. Link OFO Codes for accurate reporting.
Benefits: Create multiple or individual occupation levels. Create role templates that grow with the job. Match the person to the job. Match the job to the available talent pool. Succession Planning. Skills Gap Analysis.

Plan and schedule training & events.
Training and Skills Development: Facilitate Skills Development. Skills Audit. Run career planning workshops (Develop the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP), Compile the Annual Training Report (ATR))
Workplace Skills Plan: Automatically update WSP with information already in PeopleWare. Extract training reports. Sort information according to your SETA requirements. New OFO Codes available for reporting purposes

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