Employee Self Service (ESS)

All leave types accurately calculated. Daily or monthly accumulation. Accurate leave provision audits. Leave calculation diagnostics. Resource pool management. Web based Employee and Manager Self Service optional. Shifts and council requirements.

Features: Customisable rule structures for all leave types. Multiple leave types per employee. Real time balance calculation. Upload sick notes. Diagnosis table included. Store emergency medical contact details.

Store employee biographical information: employee photos, badge numbers, employee document storage, company document templates, employee ID number, next of kin, contact details, addresses and unlimited user defined fields.

Some of the benefits include: SA ID verification, duplicate ID checking, historical employee data. Forms & procedures documented every step of the way. Single point of entry. Centralised information storage and business intelligence. Setup important date reminders like contract renewals, appraisals and birthdays.

Over 500 standard reports plus customisable options. Available as on-screen preview, print or email (eg. electronic payslips). Export to PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML, Word and XML. Customised reporting functionality. Statutory reports available in required format. Variance reports, audit reports and historical reporting (not limited by fiscal dating).

Secure employee document storage. Typical documents stored: ID, Passport, Driver's Licence, Contract of employment, etc.

PeopleWare MOBI is a groundbreaking mobile extension of our Employee Self Service. Use the mobile app from anywhere in the world to authorise leave requests, sign-off overtime payments, approve training, and even "clock" into one of your T&A areas using your phone's GPS or WiFi geolocation capabilities.

A web based solution which enables employees to view and change personal information on-line, e.g. apply for leave and view payslips. Workflow enabled processes can be automated reducing data.

Features: Apply for leave, training & deductions on-line. View payslips. Analyse leave. View company statistics. Leave approved according to company reporting structure.
Benefits: Put the data capture in the hands of the employee. Frees up HR to focus on company's strategic goals. Eliminate paper trail - GO GREEN!

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