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Oct 14 2015

Nor is it a skill, an achievement, or a sign of success.

And yet, we all compete with each other for levels of busyness. As if the busier we are the more successful, popular and cutting edge we must be.

No time for family or friends? Very busy doing important stuff.

No time for holidays or relaxation? Even more busy doing mission critical work.

And so it goes on!

Women are particularly hard hit in this area, because there is a fair amount for the average working woman to do at home, too!

Teryl @ Work
Oct 6 2015

If you speak to successful people, there are those who tell you:

  • they had a plan from day one (organised)
  • they were just in the right place at the right time (lucky)
  • they worked hard and were recognised (dedicated)
  • they continued to grow their skill set (life long learning)
  • they saw an opportunity and grabbed it (opportunistic) and
  • they are well connected (networkers)
Teryl @ Work
Sep 22 2015

Or to be more specific, is it having a real effect on the workplace?

As a concept, it’s been around for 30 years. Every time I mention it, though, I have to explain what it is!

Personal Case Study

Some years ago I was the president of a mostly male IT Association. (I believe I am still the only female president they have had since 1934). We needed to hire a new Executive Director. As a member of the ManCo, we interviewed a number of candidates, shortlisted them to three (two men, one woman) and conducted final interviews.

Teryl @ Work
Sep 18 2015

Newsflash courtesy of SAPA

Take on a Payroll Learner

The Services SETA is offering Discretionary Grant Funding. This is an ideal opportunity for you to take on a payroll learner, and get paid for this! To find out more, please click here.

Remember that you can contact SAPA for details of training providers which can assist you with the training required for your learner.

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Sep 10 2015

Maternity Leave – has it changed over the years?

I have two children, one 30, and the other 28 and, other than one 10 month extended holiday before we got married and two three month maternity leaves, I have been employed.

When viewing my personal maternity leave, the major difference was the comparison between the corporate and small business approach to women going on maternity leave.

It amazes me now, but when I had my daughter, I landed up having to manage a rather challenging situation.

I had a company car and was working for an international company.

Teryl @ Work
Sep 4 2015

Newsflash courtesy of SAPA

BCom for Payroll Employees

Good news is that the registration period for this degree through The Da Vinci Institute has been extended until early January 2016. A minimum of 20 registrations are required for the first year, and Da Vinci has let SAPA know that if we get this number, the course will start in February 2016.

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Sep 1 2015

Women and Property Ownership – is it really 1%?

As Women’s Month drew to a close in South Africa yesterday, I thought the topic of property ownership was worth further investigation.

Over the past month, I have participated in a number of women’s events, both as a speaker and as a member of the audience.

Some of the speakers have cited a statistic that puts 1 or 2% of property in the hands of women, globally.

According to Philip Cohen, (link below), this is a feminist myth that won’t die.

Teryl @ Work
Sep 1 2015

Newsflash courtesy of SAPA

Important notice from SARS

This link contains the August 2015 PAYE Reconciliation Communication which has been published this morning on the SARS website.

This communication contains information regarding the following:

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Aug 27 2015

Focusing on women’s issues this month has heightened my awareness of a number of different attitudes that women face in the business world.

When I first heard about benevolent sexism, I thought “at least its good natured!” Some very high powered women disillusioned me on that one.

Possibly an extension of paternalism, benevolent sexism, and his ugly brother, hostile sexism, have become a subject of much study. And then there is the stepbrother, ambivalent sexism, to add to the mix.

Teryl @ Work
Aug 24 2015

The Daily Beast published a story in about 18 months ago with statistics that showed women being quoted 1 in 5 times on woman's issues. The article continued with stats on news shows showing a very similar picture. The Daily Beast

I haven't been able to find similar statistics for South Africa, but am not convinced it would be very different.

Are we just not being asked?

Or don't the media know who to ask?

Teryl @ Work
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