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Jun 6 2016

So the deed is done! Your resignation letter is in your boss's hands, and you are wondering whether you made the right decision.

In fact, you are now pretty sure that you have made a mistake, but withdrawing doesn't seem possible either. What to do?

Whatever you are going to do needs to be done as quickly as possible, but do take a moment to think it through. First of all, this is not a counter offer situation, you just simply know you don't want to leave. So its not a negotiation, its a discussion.

Teryl @ Work
May 31 2016

If I were 22

May is my birthday month, so a time for celebrations and introspection.

In interviews, I often ask our applicants to pretend they are 60, and look back on their careers. Their dreams range from leaving a legacy to being able to retire by the age of 45.

At 22, I had taken my first steps on the career ladder. I had been promoted from being a PA and Installation Secretary (setting up PoS installations for NCR’s large retailers) to becoming a full time programmer.

Teryl @ Work
May 27 2016

Newsflash courtesy of SAPA

Tuesday 31st May, Deadline Day, is Near

Two important deadlines which need to be met are on Tuesday next week, 31st May.

a. 2016 Tax Year Submissions to SARS
The deadline for submission of EMP501 and Employee Tax Certificates, is the 31st May, Tuesday next week. Have you finished your submission to SARS yet? The SA Revenue website has this advice for employers:

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May 23 2016

Is 2016 the year of mainstreaming Business Intelligence and Analytics?

In IT circles, IoT and Analytics are mainstream! In the real business world, there appears to be an appetite and a genuine need, but the question is “Is it really happening?”

I have rather belatedly read Ajeet Singh’s article – 2016 Anti-Predictions for Analytics, and found it very interesting. Some of the statistics mentioned were a surprise eg 99% of data still being on premise.

Teryl @ Work
May 13 2016

According to the 2014 Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey, compiled by Deloitte, it is no secret that this is a pressing matter that organisations are currently deliberating over, as Outsourcing has seen tremendous growth since 2014.

To better appreciate the decision required, one needs to have a clear understanding of what is meant by each model.

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May 13 2016

Newsflash courtesy of SAPA

Department of Labour

The Department of Labour announced on 10th May that they have extended the deadline for submission of the Return of Earnings to 31st May, 2016. This may be somewhat confusing to you, as we had understood that this was the deadline for submission, and had documented this deadline in previous newsflashes.


31st May is also the deadline for the SARS Annual Reconciliation.

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May 11 2016

Meetings, meetings and more meetings

We all know that every meeting should follow a structure if you want it to be effective. More importantly, you want everybody at the meeting to want to be there, and to be able to see the value, otherwise it is just more words that take time out of your day.

The following "W" questions are a guideline that help me:

  1. Why are we having this meeting?
  2. Who needs to be at it to be effective?
Teryl @ Work
May 4 2016

From programming to business challenges

Back in the day when I was a Business Analyst, I was sent on an Advanced Programming course.

We learnt how to follow a business problem from start to finish using logic and flow charting.

It is amazing how often I use this method to understand problems, sometimes just in my head, sometimes on paper.

I also learnt that if I shared the problem with a few people, and brainstormed, the answers came even more quickly.

And at home...

Teryl @ Work
Apr 26 2016

Do you think you do?

Most people are adamant that they do, but I am becoming more and more aware of the influences that move me in particular directions, and am working to be more structured in approaching final decisions.

Any decision?

It constantly amazes me how many people honestly believe that any decision is better than none, and that changing your mind is a sign of indecisiveness and weakness.

Frequently, decisions are made based on the current information at hand, and when more detail becomes available, people believe it is too late to change direction.

Teryl @ Work
Apr 22 2016

Newsflash courtesy of SAPA


The official period for the 2016 Employer Reconciliation opened on 18th April, and will close on 31st May. SARS have updated their website help on this topic, including tips on the version of e@syFile which should be used.

To be sure that you are following the correct processes, follow this link

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