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Dec 22 2016

They do say dark chocolate is good for you, don't they? And a little glass of red wine every now and then..

This time of year is definitely about food for many of us, preparing it, eating it, clearing up afterwards. And chocolate is high up on the indulgent food list (Also doesn't mess up the pots, pans and plates).

There are very few people who do not have a level of guilt around the amount of chocolate they eat, or would eat if it was considered a healthy snack.

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Dec 6 2016

There may be a lucky few in South Africa this December who receive a 13th cheque or bonus as part of your December pay.
It’s important that you understand what you are actually going to receive in your bank account:
• A bonus is generally an amount given to employees because of either their personal performance within the organisation, or because the organisation as a whole has done well;
• A 13th cheque will have been calculated as part of your annual company cost, and is a way of splitting an annual amount into 13 payments.

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Nov 25 2016

Somewhere, sometime, I read an article that referred to “creating a stronger we” by “identifying a them”. We seem to do it in all levels of our lives, both business and personal.

In its extreme form it can become dangerous!

In business, sport or life in general, when building teams or a strong culture, us and them scenarios form a significant part of a winning strategy.

Obvious stuff.

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Nov 8 2016

The Da Vinci TT100 Business Innovation Awards Programme is South Africa’s foremost business Awards programme.
TT100 has been recognising innovation and technological prowess in South Africa companies for more than 25 years.
TT100 offers companies the opportunity to measure their achievements against the best in the country and to showcase their exciting technological initiatives to the nation regardless of the industries that they operate in.

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Oct 31 2016

Newsflash courtesy of SAPA
The Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, presented his mid-year budget review on Wednesday 26th October. Proposed changes that immediately impact payroll include the extension of the Employment Tax Incentive. This was to have ended on 31st December 2016, and it is proposed that this date has been extended for another 2 years to end February 2019, which means that organisations are encouraged to recruit and employ people between the ages of 18 to 30, to introduce them to the work environment.

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Oct 24 2016

This morning, as I was packing my car to come to work, I felt a few drops of water on my arm. I looked up into a clear, blue sky... Maybe it came off the car? I went inside for my goodbyes, came back out, and there it was, a steady drizzle seemingly coming from a cloudless sky.

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Oct 14 2016

Writing business correspondence is an art and, as we all know now, writing political and diplomatic emails, is a hazard.

But let’s stick to what I know about, business mail. I hear a lot of conversations about the end of eMail, the end of print etc. I have to believe that in the next ten years (or even less) we are going to undergo a sea change in how we communicate, both personally and in business.

But we are not there yet, and until then we have to consider the implications of how we put together business correspondence.

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Oct 14 2016

Newsflash courtesy of SAPA

Changes to Employment Tax Incentive

Towards the end of September, National Treasury published a second batch of draft amendments to the Taxation Laws Amendment Bill (TLAB) for public comment. Included in the proposed changes are extensions to the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) and the Learnership Tax Incentive, which are due to expire on the 31st December and 30th September 2016 respectively.

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Oct 7 2016

Is flexibility now a reality in the workplace? And is it really working? The assumption of control over one’s own time and deliverables does seem to be a great way to work and live, and it appears to be is a high priority for those entering the business world.

Decision makers in business, along with HR managers and recruitment consultants, are very much aware that employers are looking for guidance and ideas as to how to attract and retain, while new recruits are looking for career opportunities that are aligned with their lifestyle choices.

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Sep 16 2016

Newsflash courtesy of SAPA

BCom for Payroll Employees

Would you like to study for a BCom, specialising in Payroll Management? Da Vinci Institute is taking registrations for the next group of students to start this 3 year program. For more information, please contact

Equity and Disabilities

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