The decade of change that shaped HR, payroll admin

Sep 30 2014
The decade of change that shaped HR, payroll admin

HR and payroll administration experts name mobile technology and Cloud services as the most significant influences over the past decade. In a review of the evolving domestic Human Resource and payroll industries over the past ten years, Accsys management shows that technology has emerged as a central force driving operations and fuelling demand for analytics to reinforce the decision making process.

Teryl Schroenn, CEO of Accsys, suggests that during the time in review, issues like biometric solutions, the requirement for qualifications in the payroll space and development of online education tools, have all impacted on the growth in significance of HR and payroll.

Describing the status of these areas today, Schroenn says amid an increase in business risk (heightened by relatively little consequence for low level white collar crime), employee expectations of the “mommy” requirement from HR departments in terms of personal, financial and career support has also gained impetus.

“We have witnessed an increase in statutory requirements that have become more onerous in companies, reflecting the higher level of risk that businesses now have to contend with. The confidentiality and integrity of information, including personal information, is the number one priority for decision makers,” says Schroenn.

While change is inevitable, executive leadership at Accsys believes that although it can be an exciting process, in trying economic conditions, decision making is slower.

Today the HR and payroll space is awash with constant new concepts, all of which are intended to give more strategic time to heavily loaded HR and Payroll practitioners.

However, time (and money) costs of implementation are impacting fast decision making.

Continuous and focused research and development has made a significant difference and forward thinking businesses are starting to seriously consider the impact of mobile and flexible solutions on their ability to react quickly to people trends.