August 2016

Aug 31 2016

It’s becoming easier. Technology enables working from anywhere. Go into any coffee shop and see the number of people working at laptops, holding meetings and sharing cell phone business conversations with the world at large…

But if you work for a corporate and are planning a big career, do the advantages of missing the daily commute and the noise and buzz of open plan space outweigh the disadvantages?

This topic seems a natural follow up to work / home integration.

Accsys News Image
Aug 29 2016

Cathie Webb, COO Accsys

We know the saying that there are only 2 things in life that we can be sure of – death and taxes. There is another, and that is change!

In South Africa at the moment we are feeling the effect of change particularly. The poor economy and the weakening exchange rate impacts many of our businesses, and with the recent shifts in politics added, our staff feel the pressure of uncertain times ahead.

Connexions Newsletter
Aug 23 2016

Following an extensive shortlisting process Compass has been named as a finalist at the prestigious Payroll World Awards 2016 in the Implementation Project Award category.

Compass specialises in software implementation of people management solutions and is based in Windhoek, Namibia. They are a value added reseller for the Accsys range of products including Payroll, Time & Attendance software and hardware solutions. They also run a full outsourcing payroll bureau.

The winners will be announced on 3 November 2016 at the spectacular Hilton London Bankside venue.

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Aug 23 2016

What is the difference between balance and integration? Well, this is how I interpret them:

Balance is about creating two separate lives, work and play, and ensuring there is time for both

  • Integration is more around creating a situation where the two overlap, and are well aligned, allowing time for both work and play
  • Imbalance is when work and play are constantly encroaching on each other, there is no down time, and whatever you are doing, you feel like you should be doing something else...
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Aug 5 2016

Impossible to arrange? Or a much needed, occasional escape from reality...

Celebrating South African Women’s Month, always make me think about the practicalities and logistics of being a working mother.

I do love travelling, both business and pleasure. I am a B & B fan, and I try and stay in the same ones as often as I can. I have built up great relationships, and am really well looked after. I am also a bit of a security freak, so need to feel safe, years of living behind gates and burglar bars have had their impact.

Teryl @ Work
Aug 1 2016

Should you pour the tea, ladies?

"Will you be mom?" was a frequent request in my early boardroom days. Not to mention, "will you take the notes?"

Not sure why, but while the notes just bothered me a little, the tea request drove me crazy. Of course, I do make dreadful tea, so wasn't asked twice...

The advent of coffee machines and tablets has largely done away with those two, but my discussions with many women who are sitting on boards and excos today tells me that there is still a way to go for women to feel fully included.

Teryl @ Work