June 2016

Jun 30 2016

Teryl Schroenn, CEO Accsys

June saw the Payroll Authors Group of South Africa AGM.

A few items arose that we want to share with you.
Employees need to reapply for directives with SARS each new tax year.
The employment Tax Incentive is due to sunset in December, 2016.

We understand that many companies are not claiming their ETI allocations.

Should you wish to do so please let us know so that we can organise a consultation for you.

Connexions Newsletter
Jun 29 2016

How we love to elaborate… Both in our personal and business lives. It is rare to find somebody who simply answers the question.

In sales, it is becoming more and more critical to just say yes or no. If you want to embroider afterwards, by all means, but tell the client you can or you can’t do it, first.

Salespeople - Just answer the question

That’s what they remember, the yes or the no.

Teryl @ Work
Jun 10 2016

Newsflash courtesy of SAPA

BCom for Payroll Employees

Good news! The first group of students have embarked on the BCom studies, and Da Vinci have let us know that they are keen to start a second group of learners in July 2016! If you are interested, please contact BComPayroll@accsys.co.za for more information.

Accsys News Image
Jun 6 2016

So the deed is done! Your resignation letter is in your boss's hands, and you are wondering whether you made the right decision.

In fact, you are now pretty sure that you have made a mistake, but withdrawing doesn't seem possible either. What to do?

Whatever you are going to do needs to be done as quickly as possible, but do take a moment to think it through. First of all, this is not a counter offer situation, you just simply know you don't want to leave. So its not a negotiation, its a discussion.

Teryl @ Work