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Aug 4 2015

In the past, careers in payroll were not planned. In fact, I used to start every presentation to payroll people with “Please put up your hands if your career of choice was to be in payroll”

Nobody ever did!

I believe that is starting to change.

Formal education and training for payroll professionals has been a dream since I first managed a help desk back in the early 90s. We were constantly dealing with operators and administrators who were perfectly proficient in the software they were using, but did not have a broader picture.

Teryl @ Work
Jul 31 2015

It is National Payroll Week, and this should highlight that a career in Payroll is an option.

From way back in the day when I wrote my first wages and salaries solution as a junior programmer, I was amazed that I never met a person who selected payroll as their career of choice (and we are talking the 70s.)

But, hooray, it is starting to change.

With the advent of formal qualifications in payroll, young people are starting to see a career in payroll as an option.

Teryl @ Work
Jul 29 2015

National Payroll Week – 2015

I am really pleased about this wonderful initiative from South African Payroll Association to recognise the contribution of payroll people over the years. This is the second National Payroll Week.

While the formal recognition is limited to SAPA members, it would be great if we took the time to remember who mentored and taught us all about payroll, in the days before a professional qualification was available.

This special week celebrates important aspects to each of us who are aware of the key role that payroll professionals hold in business.

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May 26 2015

Everybody knows that absent means not there, but there are many ways of being absent, some while actually present.

When we are implementing time and attendance systems, we regularly find that there are a number of processes in place around absence from the workplace, but that presenteeism is also a serious issue.


Consistent late arrivals - simply put, if the employee is not on the premises, he is absent.

  • Downing tools early and spending 10 to 15 minutes in the restrooms, getting ready to leave
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May 22 2015

What is confidential information?

What do we want to keep confidential? The Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) has a few ideas around the subject. (See below).

The question is “Is it possible?” or has the computer/social networking age changed the rules of privacy for ever?

Besides the high profile whistle blowers, we are exposed both personally and professionally at every turn.

Contractual agreements

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May 16 2015

Weight, height, age, dress size, shoe size, all numbers that we (and the media) use to define people.

I was fascinated by an article from the Leicester Mercury where the age of each witness to a bus crash was carefully listed.

Sue Kellett, 56, whose front garden is bordered by the wall, was one of the first at the scene.

Read more: http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/Bus-driver-airlifted-hospital-collisio...

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Mar 18 2015

Are adults the present, if children are our future!

Business, life, politics, we are always planning ahead, so much so that sometimes we neglect the very real present.

We attach such importance to age that news articles rarely neglect to mention the chronological number of the star of the story.

People are “too young” or “too old”. When are we like the porridge in Goldilocks “Just right”? I am not sure if we ever are.

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Mar 4 2015

With thanks to Maslow for the idea.

As a leadership group at Accsys, we are constantly discussing ways to create a fully engaged company of people. While there are obvious reasons around productivity and profitability, it is such a pleasure to be part of a company where everybody enjoys coming to work, and are all working to fulfill the same goals and objectives.

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Feb 26 2015

"Would you rehire?" is the question most recruiters ask former employers.

And the question we should all be asking ourselves is "Would my employers rehire me?"

Have you ever asked them? If you resigned, would they be fighting to keep you, or would they say nice things, and be quietly sighing with relief?

Or maybe even doing the Dance of Joy.... (See below for link)

At your next evaluation or one-on-one, consider asking the question. You might be pleasantly surprised, or you might hear the opposite of your expectations.

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Feb 19 2015

Is fitting in with the corporate culture important? Of course. Do all effective and productive employees do so? Of course not.

A few years ago, Accsys celebrated 30 years in business. In keeping with traditional thinking around anniversaries, we used the pearl as a symbol for the year.

A key message for us was that the pearl is formed from a piece of grit that irritates the oyster, and the oyster slowly covers the grit with nacre, until a beautiful gem is formed.

Teryl @ Work
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