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Dec 22 2016

They do say dark chocolate is good for you, don't they? And a little glass of red wine every now and then..

This time of year is definitely about food for many of us, preparing it, eating it, clearing up afterwards. And chocolate is high up on the indulgent food list (Also doesn't mess up the pots, pans and plates).

There are very few people who do not have a level of guilt around the amount of chocolate they eat, or would eat if it was considered a healthy snack.

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Nov 25 2016

Somewhere, sometime, I read an article that referred to “creating a stronger we” by “identifying a them”. We seem to do it in all levels of our lives, both business and personal.

In its extreme form it can become dangerous!

In business, sport or life in general, when building teams or a strong culture, us and them scenarios form a significant part of a winning strategy.

Obvious stuff.

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Oct 24 2016

This morning, as I was packing my car to come to work, I felt a few drops of water on my arm. I looked up into a clear, blue sky... Maybe it came off the car? I went inside for my goodbyes, came back out, and there it was, a steady drizzle seemingly coming from a cloudless sky.

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Oct 14 2016

Writing business correspondence is an art and, as we all know now, writing political and diplomatic emails, is a hazard.

But let’s stick to what I know about, business mail. I hear a lot of conversations about the end of eMail, the end of print etc. I have to believe that in the next ten years (or even less) we are going to undergo a sea change in how we communicate, both personally and in business.

But we are not there yet, and until then we have to consider the implications of how we put together business correspondence.

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Oct 7 2016

Is flexibility now a reality in the workplace? And is it really working? The assumption of control over one’s own time and deliverables does seem to be a great way to work and live, and it appears to be is a high priority for those entering the business world.

Decision makers in business, along with HR managers and recruitment consultants, are very much aware that employers are looking for guidance and ideas as to how to attract and retain, while new recruits are looking for career opportunities that are aligned with their lifestyle choices.

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Aug 31 2016

It’s becoming easier. Technology enables working from anywhere. Go into any coffee shop and see the number of people working at laptops, holding meetings and sharing cell phone business conversations with the world at large…

But if you work for a corporate and are planning a big career, do the advantages of missing the daily commute and the noise and buzz of open plan space outweigh the disadvantages?

This topic seems a natural follow up to work / home integration.

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Aug 23 2016

What is the difference between balance and integration? Well, this is how I interpret them:

Balance is about creating two separate lives, work and play, and ensuring there is time for both

  • Integration is more around creating a situation where the two overlap, and are well aligned, allowing time for both work and play
  • Imbalance is when work and play are constantly encroaching on each other, there is no down time, and whatever you are doing, you feel like you should be doing something else...
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Aug 5 2016

Impossible to arrange? Or a much needed, occasional escape from reality...

Celebrating South African Women’s Month, always make me think about the practicalities and logistics of being a working mother.

I do love travelling, both business and pleasure. I am a B & B fan, and I try and stay in the same ones as often as I can. I have built up great relationships, and am really well looked after. I am also a bit of a security freak, so need to feel safe, years of living behind gates and burglar bars have had their impact.

Teryl @ Work
Aug 1 2016

Should you pour the tea, ladies?

"Will you be mom?" was a frequent request in my early boardroom days. Not to mention, "will you take the notes?"

Not sure why, but while the notes just bothered me a little, the tea request drove me crazy. Of course, I do make dreadful tea, so wasn't asked twice...

The advent of coffee machines and tablets has largely done away with those two, but my discussions with many women who are sitting on boards and excos today tells me that there is still a way to go for women to feel fully included.

Teryl @ Work
Jul 26 2016

Internal Promotion? How to prepare.

Career path and succession planning are part of a good HR strategy. They should be part of your personal strategy, too.

When an opportunity for promotion is available, and you are granted an interview, how should you prepare for it?

1. Discuss the opportunity with your line manager

  • If it is in a different department, he/she could give you valuable input
  • There are times when this might not be appropriate

2. Ask HR:

  • Who are the interviewers?
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