Oct 27 2014

Cashbuild, a leading local retailer of quality building materials and associated products, has been successful in establishing a firm footing in the market and has used this position to apply strategy and support growth. It recently invested in the services of an established provider to maintain the efficiency of its HR department and ensure that this discipline could keep up with the progress of the business.

Accsys helps Cashbuild construct rock-solid time and attendance foundation
Oct 6 2014

The level of innovation, research and development that defines access control in business reflects how seriously decision makers view this facet of operations management. The ability to compete in any industry or sector today is heavily dependent on the availability of resources, and these have to be protected.

Business management solution experts say the escalating need for safety and security within the workplace is fuelling the rollout of technology, specifically biometric-based solutions.

Access control in business matters much more today – Accsys
Aug 4 2014

The question of how many hours a person should work per week, while covered by the Basic Conditions of Employment legislation, is more of a subjective issue. In practice, it is often down to a matter of passion, of feeling valued and recognised, and of mental approach which determines the hours put in.

HR and access control experts emphasise the fact that the work environment is radically different today, with aspects such as time no longer measured the same way they have been in the past.

Measuring the return from a typical working week – Accsys
Feb 21 2014

People management experts, HR directors and industry analysts recently converged for an interactive forum, hosted by Accsys, focused on advances in technology and other key factors impacting time & attendance management. Delegates agreed that big data, mobility and biometric security have combined to substantially alter the way this facet of business is handled.

Accsys is a member of the Business Connexion Group (BCX) and national supplier of people management software and hardware solutions within the HR, payroll and time & attendance space.

Accsys News Image
Feb 7 2014

Decision makers are aware that effective time and attendance management in business has significant impact on the bottom line. In South Africa, businesses are eager to gain insight and expert opinion on strategy – and want information directly from those in the know. To meet this increasing need, Accsys has devised and now regularly runs an interactive forum, with round table discussions and presentations, to tackle relevant topics.

Accsys News Image
Jan 16 2014

When it comes to the implementation of hardware and software in business, it is important to secure harmonious interaction between supplier and purchaser to ensure successful project rollout.

Value-added project management requires des diplomacy and discipline says Accsys
Nov 12 2013

Whilst biometric technology, based on fingerprint identification, is considered the most accurate in terms of access control in commerce, HR experts believe facial recognition has captured the attention of decision makers.

Security remains a priority for South African businesses and according to solution management specialists at Accsys, clients are beginning to take a vested interest in biometric solutions that are based on iris identification.

Facial recognition gaining traction in HR
Nov 4 2013

For companies, knowing who a person is, where they are on the premises and why they are there – and validating this information – is the main driver behind security and biometric access control technology integration in the workplace.

To this end, technology which captures and processes biometric data using fingerprints or facial recognition, for example, remains a dominant technology. However, that does not mean other solutions are just legacy systems, say experts, there are many examples of installations of hybrid technology that meet a current and growing need in the market.

May 30 2013

For companies, knowing who a person is, where they are on the premises and why they are there - and validating this information - is the main driver behind security and biometric access control technology integration in the workplace.

Apr 9 2013

Continuous research into- and development of access control solutions means businesses can take advantage of a wider selection of low-cost technology. This technology is designed to offer complete security and empower decision makers with control over the environment.

In a market that is more aware of the need to protect physical assets of businesses - and also regulate disciplines such as time & attendance and access control - HR and payroll experts at Accsys offer up sound advice about what technology is available and how it can add value.

Securing the best level of access control for your business
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