Apr 7 2014

There is a definite increase in interest in - and adoption of human resource, payroll and time & attendance solutions in Africa. One service provider has positioned itself to take advantage of the growing opportunity and has focused intensely on entrenching and expanding its operational footprint. The objective is not only to meet a need, but also set a new bar for service provision in Africa and redirect investment back into the South African economy.

Why Accsys is ideally positioned to meet Africa’s growing need for HR, Payroll s
Nov 23 2012

On 1st January 2013 Zambian currency is due to be rebased. Please open the attachment for technical guidelines from The Bank of Zambia.

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Jun 4 2012

The Commissioner for SARS, Oupa Magashula, recently presented the SARS Strategic Plan for the next five years to pursue its mandate of collecting all revenues due, "protecting our South African borders" and facilitating legitimate trade.

May 24 2012

This is a friendly reminder that your annual PAYE Recon (the completed and submitted EMP501 declaration ) is now due, and you have until Thursday 31st May 2012 to comply.

SARS released an updated version of e@syFile6.0.2. All employers, even if tax certificates for 2012 have been submitted, are urged to download the new version of e@syFile (after a backup of the database has been made).

Apr 23 2012

There have been changes to the WCA in Namibia, with increases in Maternity leave, Sick leave, the Death benefits Fund (“MSD Fund”) and the Employees’ Compensation Fund (“EC Fund”); effective 1 March 2012 for all Namibian Payrolls

Apr 19 2012

The Tax Year period is being changed from April – March, to January - December. This means that this tax year will be short, running from 1 April 2012 - 31 December 2012, and will only have 9 months to report on in 2012.

Zambia Revenue Authority notice
Apr 10 2012

From a service provision point of view partnerships are critical to establishing presence and ensuring successful service delivery in Africa.

This is the foundation principle upon which Accsys management bases its approach to service delivery within the continent.

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