Cathie Webb of SA Payroll Association talks to 702's Azania Mosaka.

Webb explains how the 13th cheque can push you into a higher tax bracket and you will then pay more tax.

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Success is about focusing on what makes your business grow.
That's challenging when capturing data, calculating pay and managing leave.
Get peace of mind by outsourcing or co-sourcing with Accsys.
We're able to partner with you, providing Payroll, HR, Employee Self Service and Mobile.
Let us manage your people processes while you manage your business.
Accsys - delivering strategic solutions to people who manage people.

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Okay, it's computer software to report the time and attendance of employee hours.
... "Online officers?" "BioPeople?" "8 to 5 services?"
Uhmm, you can also manage payslips and leave taken by each staff member.
... "TimeTrends?" "Super vision people?"
Nooo! It allows for control of turnstiles, doors, booms, and CCTV.
... "Boom gate patrol?" "GoodTiming?" "Owl watch control?"
You can even do payroll on this system! It's also a mobile app!
"Accsys PeopleWare"
Yes! Accsys - people management solutions.
Go to for more.
Part of the Business Connexion Group.

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I need to know who’s who so I can keep trace
And what they're getting up to and who’s in my space
Whether face or finger; finger or face
All I wanna know is who’s looking after / out for the place
And when I’m out of town busy travelling around
I want to know who’s at work and who’s letting me down
How much leave are people really taking
Are they at work or are they just faking
I hear I need Accsys, part of Business Connexion
So how do I go from interested to yes?
Contact their website ACC-SYS

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FVO: So - John took a day in March and June a week in July and Jann was sick in February and April got a promotion in November and then May, well, she got an increase in September and ..
VO: All a little confusing? Then contact Accsys about PeopleWare – a people management system designed to help manage everything from people to month ends including leave, time sheets and salaries –all on one database- it’s that simple.


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Late again what a surprise…

Sorry, you know what it’s like at month end - last minute leave requests, time sheets coming in late, checking all the payroll input stuff again, AND…(He interrupts before she finishes)

Well, its time you spoke to Accsys. PeopleWare’s all on one database, and we’ve put in the lot. Payroll, HR, Time and Attendance, and with Employee Self Service and the Mobile app, our Return on Investment has even impressed the Finance guys.

Sjoe, so many people are telling me the same thing, Accsys is part of Business Connexion, right?

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Airing a radio commercial isn’t cheap...

So for me to tell you what the Accsys PeopleWare payroll can do for you in 30 seconds is impossible.

But here’s what I can do, I can tell you what the Accsys PeopleWare payroll cannot do. It cannot make coffee. Not yet.

I’ve been told we are working on that one

But that’s about it, I think. For Salaries, Wages, Payslips and Employee Self Service.

Accsys PeopleWare, the everything for everyone payroll.

Visit A-C-C-S-Y-S.CO.ZA

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Finance Manager: "So, we all agree."
Payroll Manager: "Yes, the payroll is exactly what we're looking for."
HR Manager: "And it has full HR and statutory functionality."
Finance Manager: "Plus, the business intelligence is incredible."
IT Manager: "And it's the latest technology."

When your Payroll, HR, Finance and IT Managers all agree on a people management solution, they must be talking about Accsys PeopleWare, the software solution that takes you from access control to payslip.

Call 0861-ACCSYS or visit

Accsys, the people management specialists.

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I thought that cloud computing was building tall towers filled with lots of computers.
Then I spoke to Accsys.

Accsys PeopleWare, the full strength Payroll, HR and Time and Attendance system on the cloud.
I don't need a tower, just the internet and Accsys, they do the backups and updates, while I control my people information.
The software is in the cloud and I have the business intelligence in my office.

Connect to the cloud with Accsys PeopleWare,

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Accsys PeopleWare MOBI

Sorry I’m late, what’s app?

Very funny! Anyway while I was waiting, I applied for leave, viewed my payslip, authorised Joe’s overtime, approved Sue’s training, and checked that my team is at work.

In 3 minutes?