HRSS Internship

Accsys partners with Human Resources Support Solutions (HRSS)

Small and medium enterprises (SMME’s) employ 75% of South Africans. But small businesses often fear employing new staff, because they don’t understand how labour laws help them.  They lose money in needless CCMA battles, and don’t get the benefits they deserve from the Skills Levy or their SETA.

​Teachers too are often frustrated because their human resources needs are not fully met in schools and so they struggle to perform to the best of their ability. 

Human Resources Support Solutions (HRSS) works with key government agencies and development organisations to recruit human resources graduates. After a workplace readiness training programme they are appointed to schools and SMME’s as paid interns. 

Their earnings are subsidised by HRSS to give companies and schools the sort of financial help they need while learning the benefits of professional human resources support. Each intern has a personal human resources professional aiding him or her.

​ It saves  businesses hundreds of thousands of rands each year, helps the SMME earn appropriate government levies. It adds on-the-job experience to the interns CV, and gives business the confidence to employ new staff. Together, tomorrow is brighter.

Feedback from the HRSS Interns:

"It is a small group and the facilitator is able to know us all" - Choene Dinah Seholela

"The trainer was clear and to the point" - Honey Mokhomong

"It was well organised and prepared" - Aretta Thabe

"Very well presented and very welcoming" - Sandile Livi

"Everything was clear and it was easy to understand" - Mapaseka Moreki

"Excellent" - Lesego Mashao

"The Facilitator was well prepared and did it step by step" - Reneilwe Keboreng

"It was the real and perfect opportunity for me.  Even the employees respected us and made us feel at home" - Ntwanano Manganyi

"It contains vital information that will help for the world of work" - Maipato Ophniel Motayi

"I finally got information on Payroll" - Kevin Sello Bale

"They offered the best" - Motebang Mosi