HR Consulting

Accsys becomes your strategic HR partner and complements your internal Human Resource systems and practices. We work with you to develop business-focused solutions that enable you to optimise your work force and gain a competitive advantage. Our services are offered on an ad-hoc or project basis depending on your individual requirements:

  •   You gain access to comprehensive service and support to cater for all your people management requirement
  •   These specialised services are provided by qualified HR profesionals
  •   You will benefit from the holistic approach to people management
  •   It will empower you to focus on core business and remain competitve


  •   There is a direct opportunity to expand your skills base through access to specialised knowledge
  •   Accsys will work with you to develop HR solutions that are relevant and targeted
  •   The fact that our consultants work in teams means that you will always benefit from the collective expertise
  •   We will ensure that you remain up to date with the latest HR practices, market trends and related legislation.

Employee Relations

  •   Establish Workplace forums
  •   Officiate in formal Disciplinary Proceedings
  •   Provide Ethics Training
  •   Facilitate the drawing up of a Code of Conduct
  •   Draw up and advise on Grievance and Disciplinary procedures
  •   Run Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) awareness training
  •   Conduct Exit interviews on behalf of organisations

Employment Equity Management

  •   Development of Employment Equity Plans
  •   Strategic implementation of the plan
  •   Organise and facilitate consultative forum
  •   Present Employment Equity Workshops
  •   Prepare and generate an Employment Equity Report

Training & Development

  •   Facilitate Skills Development
  •   Skills Audit
  •   Run Career Planning workshops
  •   Develop the Workspace Skills Plan
  •   Compile the Annual Training Report

Why Accsys?

Accsys has been in the forefront of human resource development since 1980, and our continued success is based on a solid client base and total commitment to our clients. Our modern, proven methodologies and tools are implemented by professional consultants who will assist your company in meeting its strategic business needs.